Client Success Story: Thyroid Cancer

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Meet Jae. He had his thyroid removed exactly one week ago and is currently exercising at Body + Soul Fitness.

I’ve been working with Jae for the last two months, since he was diagnosed with stage 1 papillary thyroid cancer. Fortunately this is one of the most curable cancers (by removing the thyroid) one can be diagnosed with, but of course is still a major health challenge.

            As a holistic nutritionist I believe that all options must be taken into consideration when addressing a health condition. In order to do this an integrated approach must be taken. This means combining all treatment options and using a team of health professionals such as a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, holistic nutritionist etc. In my experience with my clients this has always been the best approach to take and has provided the best results. Jae is the perfect example of this.

            In order to prepare for his surgery Jae began improving his diet by juicing daily, enjoying smoothies for breakfast and reducing gluten and dairy. He also began exercising with me at Body + Soul Fitness, where I am the Coordinator for the CancerSmart™ Exercise Program. Jae really took control of his health leading up to his surgery last week and his results have been absolutely amazing. In the above picture you can see how great Jae looks, but what you can't see is the incision that is healing underneath. The picture below shows the incision marking done by his incision so you can get an idea of exactly what kind of healing he is dealing with.

Immediately after having his thyroid removed Jae used a few key foods and supplements to provide his body with the nutrients it needed to optimize the healing process. While recovering in the hospital he enjoyed a healing cocktail three times per day with the following ingredients:

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Organic Juice


Jae purchased juice from Live food bar. He chose this option, because he couldn’t juice while in the hospital. This is the next best thing to juicing yourself. These juices are all organic and full of easy to digest nutrients. Juicing is highly anticancer and is very effective as there is very little digestion that needs to occur to access the high quantities of nutrients and antioxidants that promote healing. This allowed his body to spend its energy on healing rather than digestion. For more information on how beneficial juicing is check out this blog post, which features an anticancer juice cocktail.

Whey Protein 


Whey protein is a highly bioavailable protein and is extremely beneficial when healing. Higher amounts of protein are required after trauma to help rebuild damaged tissue. Jae used AOR’s Advanced Whey Protein, which has higher amounts of a compound called Alpha-Lactalbumin. AOR has researched this compound and found that it has strong anticancer effects on the body, making this whey protein very effective in a case such as this. Check out AOR’s research, which shows the benefits of its whey protein for those affected by cancer.




L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (base form of protein) in the body. Not only is it the main fuel source of the digestive tract, but also helps greatly with tissue repair, making it very important after a trauma like surgery.  Research has found that supplementing with L-glutamine post-operatively reduces the average length of hospital stays.  Check out a great research article in the Journal of Nutrition here, which shows how L-glutamine can help enhance the healing process, post-surgery.

This highly nutritious cocktail has proven very beneficial for Jae. He is one week out of a major surgery and is feeling great and performing light exercise. When we take a holistic approach to our health, the results can be beyond anything we may have thought possible. Jae is the perfect example of that.

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