My top 3 go-to health food stores in the core of Toronto

I understand how overwhelming it can be trying to find a good place to access superfoods, supplements and natural health food products. Even if you do find a good health food store, it’s difficult to know if you’re actually getting competitive prices. I’ll be the first to tell you that in one store you might see a supplement for $30, but if you travelled a few blocks away you might find that supplement for $20.

With this in mind, I’ve done the dirty work for you.  Here’s a list of my top three health food stores in the core of Toronto.

Qi Natural Food Market


I shop here for:

Most all of my supplement needs. The supplement prices are among the best in the city and they barely mark up their products beyond wholesale prices. Superfoods are also well priced here. They have all of the major brands of superfoods and they even have some in their bulk section. I also like the fact that they have tons of healthy snacking options well below the price found at Supermarkets. I also recommend shopping here for all bath/shower/hygiene needs. They have a wide variety of very clean products at great prices.

Where is it?

There are three locations of Qi Natural Food Market. One can be found in Roncesvalles, one at Eglinton and Bathurst and one at Bloor and Christie. They also have a sister store called Herbs and Nutrition at Bloor and Bathurst. While all of these stores are pretty much identical (varying in size) they are each under different ownership. Below are the links for maps of each location.

Ronscesvalles location:

Eglinton and Bloor/Christie locations:

Bloor/ Bathurst:


Tutti Frutti


I shop here for:

Supplements only. It is a small store, however the supplement prices are excellent. If I need to buy a large batch of supplements I will typically purchase them here. It seems that many of their supplements can be found slightly cheaper than the other very low priced health food stores.

Where is it?

Tutti Frutti is also in Kensington market, pretty much right beside Essence of life. This is very convenient for me, because I can get my supplements at Tutti Frutti and then any other needs I have right next door ha! You can find Tutti Frutti here: 


Essence of Life


I shop here for:

Mainly produce, super foods and natural health food products. They have excellent prices for organic produce, in line with most farmers markets.  They have a great selection of clean cosmetics and hygiene products as well. They do also have supplements, but I find it can be hit or miss sometimes when looking for particular supplements.

Where is it?

Right in the heart of Toronto in Kensington market. There are three health food stores off the top of my head I know in Kensington and likely a couple more. This creates fierce competition, so you know you’ll get great prices on health food items in Kensington market. Essence of life is the most spacious of the health food stores in Kensington market and has the most variety. It can be found here: