Neal Brothers Competition + Seriously Delicious Pasta Sauce

In December I entered into a competition Neal Brothers ran, which required entrants to submit a recipe that featured one of their products. Lucky for me I already had THIS taco salad up on my website so I thought, why the heck not.

Fortunately for me I received the most votes (Thank YOU!) and won the competition. My prize was $250 to a charity of my choice as well as a $250 prize pack from Neal Brothers. I chose to donate to The Stop, which is a food centre in Toronto that strives to bring healthy food to everyone, which is basic human right!


Early in January I received a ridiculous loot box from Neal Brothers that featured many of their products as well as products from brands they distribute all across Canada. What I love about Neal Brothers is that they strive to use the best quality foods in all of their products and look for the same in the products they represent. They are in line with my philosophy of choosing to eat REAL food.


I am starting a 5-part video series outlining some of my favourite products from the loot bag and then posting these products in my resource section, where you can find holistic nutritionist approved product recommendations.

First up. Seriously delicious pasta sauce: