Blueberry Cinnamon Jam 

 Can you guess what the superstar ingredient is?

Can you guess what the superstar ingredient is?

Summer is the absolute best time to enjoy local, organic fruit and I have a new recipe to help you do just that. I made an incredible blueberry chia jam and it is a MUST try. Most commercial jams are laced with a boat load of sugar and preservatives, changing super fruits into big time blood sugar spikers. The jam I made contains 3 simple ingredients, is low in sugar, high in fibre and tastes great. The best of all worlds!


Blueberry Cinnamon Jam


  • 1 cup wild organic blueberries
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon honey
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds

method of preparation:

Blend all ingredients together in food processor. Refrigerate overnight. The chia seeds will gelatinize the mixture overnight to give it the texture of jam. That is all!

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Superstar Ingredient


Cinnamon Honey: I absolutely love the cinnamon honey that I used in this recipe. I purchased it at my local farmer's market. It can be found all over the city of toronto at different markets. If you don't have access to Toronto Farmer's markets simply add 1 tsp of cinnamon into this recipe with raw honey. Raw honey naturally is full of enzymes, minerals antioxidants. Avoid pasteurized honey, as the enzymes are destroyed by heat, thus diminishing the health benefits. Cinnamon combined with honey is the perfect combo as the cinnamon will help to balance the blood sugar spike from the honey.

Enjoy this extremely simple recipe! I like spread my jam on gluten free bread with almond butter.

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