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Reduce the Risk

The Canadian Cancer Society estimated that 186,400 new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in 2012. This equates to over 500 Canadians being diagnosed with cancer daily. If you are looking to be proactive about your health and eliminate risk factors associated with cancer, this is the service for you.

Reduce the Risk


Post-treatment Reboot

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation target and destroy cancer cells, but unfortunately our healthy cells also get caught in the crossfire. After these treatments the human body is affected to varying degrees and may experience negative side effects such as muscle loss, liver burden, immune weakness, nutrient depletion and more.

This is an extremely crucial time to reboot and rebuild the body into a greater state of health by utilizing nutrition and lifestyle strategies that will also help reduce the risk of recurrence.

Post-treatment Reboot


Coaching Sessions

Are you looking for some extra guidance along your cancer journey, regardless of what stage you’re in? These coaching sessions are perfect for anyone who has been just diagnosed, midway through treatment or years into remission.

Coaching Sessions


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