CancerSmart™ Exercise Program

Adam is the CancerSmart™ Exercise Program Coordinator at Body + Soul Fitness. Body + Soul Fitness is a licensed CancerSmart Exercise Facility and is passionate about helping those living with cancer.

Extensive research has shown that exercise is beneficial at all points during the cancer journey.

The CancerSmart Exercise program has been designed to help individuals who are living with cancer to enhance mobility, increase strength and lessen some of the side effects of cancer and its treatment.  Studies show that Exercise may help to prevent recurrences in some types of cancer. 

In fact, there is no one medication or complementary medical intervention that shows so many benefits for patients’ well-being both during, and after, cancer treatment as exercise.

To find out how the CancerSmart exercise program can help you through your cancer journey contact Adam: T: 4164841500 ext. 317.


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