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Adam has a passion for educating others on the benefits of incorporating great nutrition and lifestyle practices into their lives. He has conducted presentations in academic and corporate settings on various topics that provide the knowledge to effectively improve health with the use of nutrition. Adam is a fun and engaging speaker and will certainly peak your interests and inspire you to start using the power of whole foods, super foods and nature’s pharmacy to your advantage.

Popular topics include:

  • Eating for energy in the work place
  • Top 10 nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve your well being today.
  • The daily detox: How to get the nasty out of your body every single day.
  • Immune boosting power foods and supplements.
  • Weight loss done right: Take inches off your waist and feel great!
  • Top 10 super foods: What they are and how can they be used to improve your health.
  • Nutrition and Mental health: Understand how what we put in our bodies affects our mental well being.
  • Stress busting and brain boosting foods.

These are only a sample of the topics Adam delivers. He is always willing to work with you to develop a presentation relevant to your workplace or setting.

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