Hemp Hearts



What are they?
This super food can be a tad controversial in some areas of the world, because it is the seed of a plant that is illegal in many places. BUT rest assured this nutrient power-house has no mind-altering effects other than helping your brain to function in a more optimal manner. Hemp hearts are found under the shell of the hemp seed, which is later removed to give us this excellent food.

Where do they come from?
China is the world’s largest producer of hemp hearts, however it is always best to get foods from our own land. In Canada we are very fortunate to have hemp hearts growing on our prairie land. We can get hemp hearts from several different Canadian based companies.

 How do I use them?
Hemp hearts are a great addition to many things you normally eat, simply increasing the nutritional profile! You can add them into a morning smoothie, on top of cereal, in salads, in pasta and more. Get creative with hemp hearts and add them to any meal you want. It’s best not to cook them at very high temperature as the healthy fats within are easily damaged. Add them to a meal after it has been cooked.

Nutritional Benefits
Hemp hearts are a great source of essential omega 6 and omega 3 fats. They are essential because our bodies’ must consume them from a food source. We cannot create these fats from any other foods or internally. There are so many benefits of consuming these fats including healthy brain function, increasing metabolic function, enhancing skin health and making your cells function more optimally.

Furthermore, hemp hearts are a great vegan source of complete protein. This protein contains all nine essential amino acids that are needed for muscle growth, hormone production, enzyme production and much more!

Lastly, hemp hearts contain a great spectrum of minerals essential for proper metabolic function. These include potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, manganese, zinc and copper.

How often and how much should I use?
Hemp hearts are a great addition to anyone’s diet on a daily basis. Add 1-2 tablespoons daily for excellent nutritional benefits. You can also switch up hemp seeds with other super food seeds. Some other great options are chia seeds or flax seeds.

 Where do I get them?
Hemp hearts are very easily accessed nowadays. There are a lot of places one may purchase them.

  • Any health food store will have hemp hearts. If the store has a bulk section, hemp hearts will likely be there. You can also get many packaged hemp products. I will outline some good brands below.
  • Any Loblaws store will carry hemp hearts in their natural value section.
  • The Bulk Barn now carries many super foods. This is another great place to purchase hemp hearts.
  • They can also be purchased from online retailers if you don’t feel like leaving your house. www.iherb.com is a great place to purchase health food products online.

What brands should I Use?
There are many great brands that offer hemp hearts. Some good quality brands include:

  • Mum’s Original Superfoods
  • Ruth’s Foods
  • Manitoba Harvest
  • Navitas Naturals

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