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Have you ever wondered why fish are touted as extremely healthy and why grandmothers around the world forced cod liver oil on their grandchildren? Well, fish are special. Their oil is even more special. It does many a wonderful thing such as promoting weight loss, balancing mood, increasing cognitive ability, improving skin and reducing inflammation in the body.  That’s a lot of benefit from one creature’s oil.

The two main components of fish oil that are so beneficial are the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. There are several different type of omega 3’s but EPA and DHA are the kings/queens of all omega 3s. Without getting too scientific these two powerhouses stimulate a hormone like substance that harmonizes two other pathways in the body and gives more strength to the anti-inflammatory pathway. This is of great benefit as inflammation is linked with many, many disease states; this is not something we want to have chronically occurring in our bodies.

Here’s a run down of exactly what EPA and DHA can do for your body:

Promote Weight loss: Studies have shown that taking a fish oil preparation improves weight loss programs and helps balance insulin levels.

Balance Mood: EPA in particular has been implicated in improving mood disorders and even being used as a treatment for mild to moderate depression.

Increase cognitive ability: 60% of our brain is composed of fats. Of these fats 8% is composed of DHA. It is a crucial component in maintaining healthy brain function and low levels have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative brain diseases.

Anti-inflammation: EPA stimulates an anti-inflammatory pathway in the body that also inhibits a pro-inflammatory pathway. Daily consumption of fish oil reduces markers of inflammation and improves inflammatory bowel conditions, arthritis and joint pain.

Improve skin health: EPA is excellent for skin health as it regulates the amount of oil production in our skin and also is protective against sun damage.

’m a big fan of the Genuine Health O3mega fish oil line. I’ve recently been using the o3mega triple strength + D3. This is a supplement that I really like and recommend to clients. A challenge that I face when working with clients is incorporating maximum nutrition into their plans without overloading them with supplements. This supplement is ideal for exactly that. With just one capsule per day you get the optimal daily intake of EPA/DHA as well as getting a great dosage of vitamin D3 adding to the immune boosting and cardiovascular benefits.

Not all fish oils are created equal

Another reason why I like Genuine Health’s products is that they are all Research backed and you are guaranteed a very pure and potent product.  Genuine health  sources their fish oil from a sustainable resource and thoroughly distills the oil to ensure no heavy metal, PCBs or dioxins. It is important to know where your fish oil comes from and what processes are put in place to ensure maximum purity. Take a look at this video from Genuine Health for more information on their standards for fish oil.


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