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Adam is a certified personal trainer that offers in-home personal training sessions. He has a passion for helping his clients holistically improve their health with the use of custom fitness and nutrition programs. Adam has a talent for inspiring his clients to reach new levels of fitness and helps them to find the fun in exercising.

When working with Adam at he will conduct a comprehensive fitness assessment that includes the following:

  • Lifestyle assessment: This gives Adam an in-depth look into your life, which will provide him with insight into areas where he may need to provide coaching.
  • Strength Assessment: This assessment gives Adam a baseline of your strength to know exactly where to start with your program.
  • Flexibility assessment: Adam can see if there are any areas of your body that may limit mobility and require attention to enhance movement patterns.

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With over 5 years of experience as a personal trainer Adam knows how to get his clients the results they want. Adam specializes in working with older adults and adults with diverse abilities. His superpower is helping those who thought they would never be someone who lifts weights find their inner strength and power!

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