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The Canadian Cancer Society estimated that 186,400 new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in 2012. This equates to over 500 Canadians being diagnosed with cancer daily. Furthermore, The United Nations projects global cancer cases will increase 75% by the year 2030.

Cancer statistics can be very bleak but the good news is that we can significantly reduce our risk of cancer development by utilizing nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

If you are looking to be proactive about your health and eliminate risk factors associated with cancer, this is the service for you.


Whats involved?

  • one hour consultation with Adam discussing risk factors associated with cancer,  what areas of your life should be addressed and how you can reduce your risk of cancer. 


Following your consultation you get…

An easy to follow cancer risk reduction guide that will teach you…

  • What foods, superfoods and recipes to enjoy that pack a cancer fighting punch
  • What vitamins, minerals and natural health supplements help provide protection from cancer promoting agents
  • Lifestyle modifications to reduce cancer risk
  • Strategies to remove risk factors for developing cancer

Adam will deliver your cancer risk reduction guide with a 30 minute education session over the phone so you know how to implement the plan effectively.


Package Price/Add-ons

Package Price

This package is priced at $199.00



Meal Plan: You can add on a 5-day meal plan for $75.00

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