Who is Adam Vacon?  

Adam is a Certified holistic nutritionist and personal trainer based out of Midtown Toronto. He is passionate about helping people enhance their health in a whole and complete way. Adam is a personal nutrition coach to a wide variety of people, an avid wellness speaker and loves helping his clients get fit with personal training.

Adventures & Accomplishments

  • Achieved a Bachelor's degree in psychology from McMaster University in 2009.
  • Concurrently worked with adults with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues in residential and recreational settings.
  • After graduating, his adventures took him on the proverbial backpacking trip through Europe in the summer of the same year.
  • The following year, he ventured to Korea teaching English to school children from kindergarten to middle school.
  • Upon his return, his passion for health and wellness grew stronger while attending the Institute of Holistic Nutrition earning his Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) designation.
  • While in nutrition school Adam worked part-time with kids with multiple disabilities and complex medical needs at the Safehaven Project for Community Living.
  • He completed his internship with Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health assisting her with many projects, including research for TV segments, presentation writing and public speaking.
  • While getting his health on, he earned his Can-Fit Pro designation as a Personal Training Specialist.
  • In order to enhance his skills to help support individuals affected by cancer Adam completed his Wellspring CancerSmart™ Exercise Certification.
  • Worked with Joy McCarthy as her nutrition wing-man at her Eat Well Feel Well class, providing feedback on student food journals and assisting in teaching the class. 


  • Providing in-home personal training services to older adults and adults with diverse abilities. 
  • Consulting a variety of clients and supporting their nutrition and health goals.
  • Creating custom health blueprints for his clients.
  • Public speaking on health and wellness topics for corporate and school environments.
  • Working on a big exciting online meal planning tool and education tool for staff working with those who have specialized needs. 


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