Why work with Adam?  

Plain and simple: Adam loves to help people!

Throughout his career endeavours, Adam has sought to help people to the best of his ability, whether it’s been supporting adults and children with developmental disabilities and complex medical needs, teaching children in South Korea how to speak English or coaching his clients toward greater health with nutrition, lifestyle and fitness modalities. 

Adam is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and has a true passion for helping those affected by cancer. He earned his diploma in applied holistic nutrition from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from McMaster University and. 

Adam is continuously exploring new opportunities to further his knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality of services to his clients.

Since graduating from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition Adam has…

  • Taken a certification course in Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplementation in Practice to provide leading-edge information on the use of vitamins, minerals, and natural health supplements to his clients.
  • Became a certified personal trainer through Can-Fit-Pro earning the Personal Trainer Specialist designation.
  • Taken Wellsprings CancerSmart™ Exercise Certification Course providing him with the tools to effectively provide personal training to individuals diagnosed with cancer.
  • Worked at Body and Soul Fitness located in Midtown Toronto for 3 years. This is a personal training-centric fitness club that strives to provide the utmost excellence in custom personal training. 

Adam is truly passionate about and dedicated to providing the best possible services and advice to help his clients Redefine Their Health. He will stop at no end to ensure his clients receive cutting-edge information to help them holistically address their health concerns.

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Why work with Adam?


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